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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding friends in surprising places...

I've never thought of myself as a "sports" Mom...I mean, although I sat in the uncomfortable stands and bleachers at my step-son's T'ball, swim meets and soccer games, I thought I was safe in not having to schedule my precious weekends around a little boys activities. Then I had a girl... At the ripe old age of 13, she decided that she wanted to try Volleyball. Really? I mean, talk about committment which included time and money! Lots of money...and did I mention...time?

She loved learning the game, loved getting together with the girls at practice, loved getting the backpack with her name on it (spelt right!) and the team clothes. I have to admit... I was beginning to enjoy it too...actually looking foward to chatting with the Mom's, and teasing the Dad's, bringing my share of "base camp" food and trying to find ANY thing in my closet that remotely resembled the color TEAL...the color of our team of course!

Little did I know, that this game would bring into my life, some pretty wonderful people, that I probably never would have met otherwise. My daughter played on a "Club" team for the season, and there were practices, and games most every weekend. At first, I must say, it was hard to get up and be an hour away from home with a game starting at 8am! I mean, aren't weekends to sleep in!

But as the weeks turned into months, our little group found friendship and laughter. We consoled eachother, and cheered eachother's children on, we built up egos, and shouted encouragement from the side lines! Yes, I became one of 'those" Moms! We enjoyed homemade chili, and bbq, we tasted some wonderful homemade treats that one of the team Mom's was experimenting with. We always had a wonderful container of hot coffee to wake us up and keep us warm.

Friendships were built.

Thank you 14 Teal girls and parents for coming into our lives, enriching them and filling them with JOY.

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