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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My passion...

My creative juices started at a VERY young age...but that's a story for another post.

My latest (last 20 years, LOL) passion and creative outlet is photography.  From my first instant Kodak camera with the attachable cube flash (8th grade graduation gift from my Grandma Mare) to my digital today... and Minolta and Nikon in between!

I am not prejudice on what subjects catch my eye either.  Food, family, friends and events, beach, even table settings from Breakfast Club...but my latest joy is capturing some awesome photos of my lovely daughter.

Come on! I mean, with a subject like this, I doubt my camera could take a bad shot if it tried!

Of course the lighting or that radiant smile had nothing to do with it! LOL!

I'm truly obsessed with pictures...more so of capturing the memory visually I think though.  The first things I'd grab if there was ever a photo albums!  I know I can make new memories, by shooting new photos, but the joy of looking back and remembering what once happened, fills me with happiness and most always brings a smile to my face.

Like my Auntie Bon sitting outside a beach cafe' in Santa Barbara in 1984! What was she thinking?

Technology has gotten better by leaps and bounds!  And parallel to that my memory has gotten worse!  But when I look at these photos of times past, on line, in a photo album or stuffed loosely in a shoebox, I feel blessed as that moment reaches the surface again and I recall that silent bliss.

This photo above is of me on my wedding day helping my step-daughter get ready for the nuptials in 1993.  I wish I had some of that time back with her...I think I might do things a bit differently.  She and my best friend Jane stood up for me.

Here's my dear, dear Aunt Miriam. She's showing my baby how to draw a puppy dog.  She was my Grandfather's sister, a beloved wife and mother, an artist and one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  I'm so glad that she was able to touch our lives.  I have two of her painting hanging in my home. :)  Makes me smile knowing that she created them.

Above is a shot called "Delighting in the Delectable" with Andre', Sydny and Taun Taun Pierre in 2001 in La Hume, France.  Notice how I made the desserts seem as big as the people?  :)  Tricky, eh?

How about this one from of our favorite places...the beach!  Here you can see my husband's, and his two little helpers...Faith (who's 16th birthday is today!!!) and Sydny. 

I could take rolls and rolls of sand and surf...okay I'm dating myself now...memory cards and memory cards full! Better?  HA!

In 2006 Sydny and her Auntie Sheryl were captured at Pajaro Dunes. She and her dog Brownie love the beach too! Hard to beat that backdrop!

See? I told ya!

Thanks for coming along with me down memory lane... I enjoy taking these "trips" a lot, so stay tuned for more shots of joy!

Next time the camera may find you!


  1. I admire your ability to shoot your family and make quality images. As much as I have been involved with pictures I don't do that or use them to hold memories. A friends or family members piece of art has come to fill that void (poor memory... all the times I've called you Linda). You could probably do a nice book at this point.

  2. WoW, your Auntie Bon is honored to be too, if I do this correctly! Love the photos...and the one of you is lovely, of course!

  3. Don't comments ROCK! :)
    Thanks for sharing.